47 GHz EME activity

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47 GHz - setup


TRV v1.0 IC9100 GPS locked - DB6NT - MVDS SSPA 120mW RF

SSPA driver 1W

 VLNA - 2,45dB N/F - 24dB gain - JA8CMY design


Beginning of build 02/2020


RX performance of home QTH system with 2,6m offset solid dish

SN/CS = _     MN/CS = _    GN/CS = _



Feeds for 47 GHz in 2,4m offset dish

Complicated process of producing feed horn W2IMU for F/D 0,8 Right now scaled W2IMU feed and working on two of them for testing.


RX/TX switch

will publish here all details soon. Wave guide made by Pasternak MW cost 10.000 $ and have almost 0,5dB ATT. I have 200 $ solution and 0dB ATT.


Building home MW offset dish 2,4m for 10 - 24 - 47 GHz

Right now I am working on change of controlling system. Existing 12bit OE5JFL will be replaced in beginning of March with F1EHN 16bit system. US digital sensors for read out and accuracy 0,01° Extension to slow speed control of azimuth and elevation gears. Even on 24 GHz was resolution 0,1°not enough and Moon noise vary 0,3dB between positions.


PDF presentation of tracking gears


List of active stations 47 GHz courtesy of PA0EHG




Parts of 47 GHz system


120mW driver 47 GHz

W2IMU feedhorn and WR22 transition

Arduino RF switch control


VLNA 2,4dB N/F





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