2,6 m offset dish - solid Aluminum mirror

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to test on the EME 47 GHz band. It was necessary to find a new dish that was geometrically accurate to the demands of this band. The following images will tell you how the whole project turned out. The new dish replaced a previously used antenna Prodelin 2,4m.


Today I ran another test of dish on a 24048,025 GHz. I tested the signal reception of the DL0SHF beacon. Conditions: Clear sky, temperature 12°C , elevation 36°, moon noise 1.7dB. See below for a print screen from WSJT.

Here you can listen to the signal of the DL0SHF beacon after covering a distance of 720,000 km. One recording contains a CW recording and one recording a QRA64D signal

CW        QRA64D




10.-11.10.2020 - ARRL EME 2020
There was an ARRL EME context over the weekend, so I made a new collar for my septum feed and tried to optimize the system for 1296 MHz. I've worked with 50 stations in total. I'm still making minor adjustments to the second part.




Today I finished the last part of the installation on the dish. Two 2x50kg concrete blocks are in place. The dish was recalibrated with the new counterweight. I also measured the sun's noise in the 24 GHz band today, and during the IARU UHF - SHF contest I made several QSOs to the terrestrial in the 10 - 5.6 - 3.4 GHz bands The antenna works very well for this kind of use as well.



Today I was working on the details of the assembly. To make the gearbox work lightly for elevation, a parabola had to be added to the balance beam. The final step will be the final installation of concrete blocks weighing 2x 50kg.



Finally QRV 10 and 24 GHz again and participate in ARI EME contest - autumn part



I am QRV again. Today I was able managed 3 QSOs on 10368 MHz. All with great signals. Sun noise 14,6dB, Moon noise 2,2dB


Dish and 10 GHz TRV DL0SHF, very strong copy
First Sun noise test looks good. 10368 MHz feed horn in feed point of the dish
Another step to be QRV again. Calibration and measuring of geometry
Measuring of geometry with laser on evening and test to Sun during the day
Sorry, I did not catch ARRL MW EME part, but working hard whole weekend to be QRV for next weekend.
Almost ready to run, last step is to install contra weight boom, so next week I have still something to do.
Mirror and frame on bolts, need to do calibration and fix feed point of the dish
Mast completed with AZ/EL gear and bolts for dish frame
Detail of connection between gear and bolts US digital AZ position reader with 0,01°resolution
New mast for dish painted and ready to install gears for AZ and EL.
Even I have birthday today, worked hard to be QRV in MW EME ARRL
New 9" gears with backslash 0,03° arrived on Saturday and I can try to catch MW part of ARRL EME contest.
Made stronger fundamental including 1m3 of concrete
Basement of mast Mast
Parts for mast and bolts to install dish on gear
07/08/2020 - dish arrived
Very solid frame of dish. Material profile U 100x50x5mm
Mirror of dish is made from Aluminum 5mm thickness, together with frame is it 320 kg weight

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