2,4 m offset dish -


Finally QRV in ARRL EME MW part 21st - 22nd of September 2019 - 10368 MHz


Now I can use in feed point all my MW transverter. System for installation is same as I use in my portable 180cm prime focus dish. First test of antenna and Sun noise.  
For light turning of azimuth gear was necessary install contra weight 65kg on the azimuth frame. Now is system balanced and gear is working light and precise. Backslash is bellow 0,1°AZ. Elevation read out with MAB 25, resolution 0,1°
MAB 25 for azimuth position. Both AZ and EL works perfect. Original PRODELIN fix setup
Today I spend Saturday to work on mechanical extension of feed support. Original is designed only for 10 kg and less load, so with my TRVs I need to have 25 kg or more and very stabile installation. Following pictures showing how I made it. Next week I have to finish next parts of read outs and install cables. Than I can do my first test of Sun noise. I hope all will go well and I will be QRV in ARRL MW EME contest 2019 next weekend.
New feed axe New feed point support, original will be cute off later
Laser installed in focus point, 95mm above of original feed platform, for use of existing portable TRVs, I need feed axe 190mm Projection of laser with original feed point, 95mm
Extension of back frame for feed point support, will be cover soon by hot zinc surface. Original feed support is to week and anchored in fiber glass part of dish !!! Feed point support can to carry now 25kg easy, waiting hot zinc surface

Some progress 07/09/2019

Encoders AZ - EL ready for installation in the dish. Encoders MAB25 and OE5JFL control system.
Some progress 23/08/2019

Installing dish in the garden - 08/2019

After removing of 10m mesh dish, I am building first MW part of my new project. Following pictures showing progress with ground work and mechanical part of AZ and EL system for 2,5m offset dish. This system will be use on 10 and 24 GHz mainly.


Mast and dish frame on the solar panel gear 9". 36" heavy duty satellite actuator


Build and testing mechanical parts before installation - 2018

I have available 2,5m offset dish made by Prodelin USA, which I am expecting use for EME on 3 & 1,2cm bands. From beginning I had available just dish and back frame for dish fix mount. Choice of MW bands is requiring very high accuracy of dish position during pointing to the Moon. I have build small mast, azimuth frame and elevation bearings. All accuracy is focusing mainly for 24 GHz operation use. On following pictures you can see the mechanical part of dish rotating and elevation.


Main mast for dish, snail gear will be on the top


Frames arrived from hot Zink anticorrosion application


Frame ready for bearing install


Frame with bearing detail


Bearings and shafts


Frame with detail of elevation


Frame and 36" actuator for elevation


Frame - elevation and dish cross sections


Frame - elevation and dish cross sections and 1st quadrant of the dish, testing position


Frame - elevation and dish cross sections and 1st quadrant of the dish, testing position



MAB 25 encoder - azimuth encoder installation






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