OK1DFC Terrestrial

Welcome on the terrestrial page

This is Antenna system for  144 and 432 MHz on the roof which I have used from 2002 up to end of 2004. In December 2004 were moved to mast in the garden.

This is system on the mast. Detail of elevator. I am using Satellite actuator 18" and control system OK1DFC

LNA with ATF 54143 0,16dB N/F and 24dB gain

18el. for 144 MHz M2 - preamplifier ATF 54143 0,16dB N/F OK1DFC design - PA GS35B - 1,5kW

 38el. for 432 MHz M2 - preamplifier ATF 36077 0,28 dB N/F

PA 2x3CPX800A7 - 1,5kW


In the Jun 2005 i remove terrestrial antennas down, because on the mast I have installed 10m dish for EME


Thanks to DX pedition to R1MVW - I have installed temporary antenna 5el.  DK7ZB, using only for the M/S now

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