70 MHz

last update 21.07.2013

I have valid license also for year 2011 and expecting to be QRV during MS showers and Es season, if you are interesting in the sked, let me know on my e-mail address bellow

I had valid license also for year 2010 and expecting to be QRV during MS showers and Es season

On 27th of December 2008 I got license valid also for the year 2009

Our band is now extended for frequency range from 70,100 - 70,300 MHz. So I hope to catch much more stations this year also during Es season and main Meteor showers.

In January 2008 I got the license for 70MHz band.  I was so busy with EME and EME peditions this year and spend very rare time for this band. In 2008 year I have worked 56 initials on 70 MHz and 15 DXCC. I was surprise how nice is 70 MHz band and how well are meteorites running there. With 10W RF power is possible to work easy stations up to 1600 km. So if you want to try FSK 441 or JT6M M/S sked, let me know please on my e-mail address or I am time to time on ON4KST chat available.



372 m.a.s.l. - South-East from Capitol City of Czech Republic - Open take off to all directions.


My Equipments use for 70 MHz band

G0KSC 7el. LFA made by OK1DFC


Es 13th of June 2013


Es 18th of May 2011

 OK0EE received with new 7el LFA

 TF/G4ODA Es opening 8.8.2011

 Received by SV5BYR


Es 24th of May 2010

Es 25th of May 2010

Es 01st of June 2010

Es 02nd to 7th of June 2010


M/S Quadrantids 2009

Es 24 of Jun 09

mp3 file PA5DD RXing OK1DFC

JT6M file - vaw


Worked QSOs on 70 MHz till 21st of July 2013


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