OK1DFC – 8m offset DISH project

Year 2019

December 2019

New box for elevation install on azimuth gear. On right side 12" gear for elevation, on left bearing for elevation.

Control system for 8m dish consist of OE5JFL with ON4BCB upgrade for 24V/15A regulation, with 0,1° in AZ and EL accuracy. Same box will include also F1EHN with US Digital encoder for control of 2,4m dish with accuracy 0,05°in EL and AZ.


November 2019

Works on ribs started. Design is ready. Dish has dimensions 8,25m long, 7,9m short, F/D = 0,457, 36ribs. Material of ribs - long version 18 pcs. ALU U profile 25x25mm. Short ribs 18 pcs. of ALU U profile 20x20mm. Expecting to use mesh 6x6mm and 0,8mm diameter of wire, hot zinc surface, anticorrosion protection.

October 2019

I have finish first part of mast, which is made from 600mm diameter steel pipe 3800mm long.

July 2019

July 2019 I have removed my previous PF 10m dish and build new system consist with 2,4m offset and 8m offset dish. 2,4m will be use for 5,6 - 10 - 24 GHz and 8m will be use for 432 - 1296 - 2320 - 3400 MHz. Some information about build of new system I will put here on page of 8m offset dish.