Ceuta - 5 bands EME DXpedition

432 MHz - 10 GHz

4th - 11th of October 2017


last update on 04.12.2017


Znak Ceuty



Vlajka Ceuty


I am very happy to announce, that after long time of preparation and units testing, I am able to organize my first large 7 bands EME DXpedition to Morocco. In cooperation with Václav OK1VVT - 144 MHz operator, and courtesy of Jim W7EJ, I am going to Casablanca - IM63dm in October 2017. We are expecting to be QRV on all ham radio bands from 144 up to 10368 MHz.

any donation for EME DXpedition is welcome via Pay Pal to:


Donation received, thank you for your support.

WA2ODO Pete - send spare preamplifiers, JA4BLC Yoshiro - down converter 226/144 MHz for RXing on 10450 MHz, Eddy ON7UN 180cm dish


Due to some problems with homologation by local authority was plan change and I was in Ceuta EA9LZ, but without 144 and 3400 MHz, 6cm with Digital traffic only.


QSL policy

do not send to EA9LZ, but to OK1DFC

QSL will be send direct. You have to send your QSL, 2 USD and envelope with your address !!!. I do not have time to type addresses and answer just only QSL. Expedition, printing QSLs will cost hell money enough. 2 USD can be send via PayPal if you have bad experience with post office. Address where to send your QSL on QRZ.com - OK1DFC




Short info about EME expedition day to day

10th of October 2017 - wrap up

After all those activities I put all the stuff to the car. Had nice dinner in local El Asador (steak house) and than fall to bed sleep after all those nights. Morning on 11th of October I take ferry to Spain and than driving 1975km home. With one night break close to Lyon in France it take two day drive. I have to say, that when arrived at home, I was tired like hell, but after 24 hours of sleep I was back to work 3DA0MB EME expedition from my home QTH. Thanks again to Jorge EA9LZ for great help and hospitality, and see you soon from next EME expedition. Just under planning for 2018 :-)


Moon pass 9th to 10th of October 2017 - 5760 MHz

LOG 5760 MHz

5,6 GHz Messages decoded by WSJT-X in QRA65D

Last night I was QRV on 6cm. Used was possible only QRA64 or JT4 digital mode, worked were 20 stations and units were working very good all the time. On 6cm I hade increased noise floor due to DIGI technology used in EA9, it was also reason, why I had allowed use only digital modes for QSOs. I think I worked everybody who was on the band and was interesting to have EA9 on 5,6 GHz.

5760 MHz TRV in the feed point of 180cm dish Dish in corner of terrace

Moon pass 8th to 9th of October 2017 - 10368 MHz

LOG 10368 MHz

10 GHz Messages decoded by WSJT-X in QRA65D

Sunday Moon rise, even on lower bands was still ARRL EME contest, I was changing technology again and setup 3cm band. Before was necessary put down 3,2m mesh dish, disassembled and put on 1,8m solid Andrew dish. It take some time during noon and temperature on Sun was reaching over 30°C. Anyway, afternoon was everything ready, and I measured Sun noise. As expected I found 12dB Sun noise, 4,8dB ground noise and after Moon rise I saw also 0,9dB Moon noise. During the Moon pass I worked CW and QRA64D 29 stations and 30th station OZ1FF was logged on 10th of October morning after jump from 6cm. So not bad result with so small setup. Used was TRV and 52W SSPA with 0,6dB N/f.

TRV 10368 MHz in feed point - 52W RF Tree which is in Moon rise direction, dish 180cm Andrew
View to Ceuta via dish Place where is installed dish, roof of my cottage and hill, where was Moon pass 15°el

Moon pass 7th to 8th of October 2017 - 1296 MHz - ARRL EME Contest

LOG 1296 MHz

Next part of weekend I was in ARRL EME contest QRV full Moon pass on 23cm. There was no problem with noise or interference and I worked many stations on CW and JT65c. Again result you can see in the log. Used was SSPA 1kW and IC9100 with 3,2m dish. Sun noise I measured before contest 9dB and it was exactly according VK3UM calculation. During all the time SSPA worked full time with full power without any problem and stations were reporting good signal.

Dish 3,2m + feed 1296 MHz Detail of feed horn for 1296 MHz
Pile up - 16 calling stations on  1296 MHz Sun noise measuring - 9dB 1296 MHz

Moon pass 6th to 7th of October 2017 - 432 MHz - ARRL EME Contest

LOG 432 MHz

After first night on 13cm, I was changing feed and technology to be QRV in first part of ARRL on 432 MHz. I saw the HV line going front of my dish in distance around 500m, but did not know nothing about noise which is producing. Due to aggressive environment conditions in area with lot of humidity and salt in air, all contacts were terrible oxidized and due to diode effect produced lot of IMD 2nd and 3rd order, including normal noise by low shortage between mast and HV line due to salt on isolators. Anyway, with low elevation on Moon rise side it was on 438 MHz very bad, showing SDR picture bellow, but with higher elevation and increasing of humidity during night it was better and better. Finally I was able to work many stations on 70cm what you can see in the log. Used was IC9100 with 1,2kW SSPA, 3,2m dish and LNA 0,3dB N/F.

Dish 3,2m + ring feed 432 MHz Detail of feed horn for 432 MHz
2nd from top, SSPA 1,2kW 432MHz, bellow OE5JFL control unit and GPS location Interference caused by HV line going 500m front of my dish. Peaking on 438MHz. SDR screen shot showing that, but with increasing elevation was situation better and better. During night, when fog covered all area this interference disappeared totally.

Moon pass 5th to 6th of October 2017 - 2320 MHz

LOG 2320 MHz

Later afternoon I had build dish and all units. Tested Sun noise and TRV for TXing. All looks great and I was waiting Moon over Ceuta. Between I had small lunch and fall to bed sleep couple of hours after last boring days. From Saturday 30th of September I was on the road, alone and with problems in Morocco. I take 4 hours of sweet dreams. I had setup clock wake up for 30 minutes prior the Moonrise. Tested last time all units and at 18:50 I heard my first own echo via Moon. Small correction of dish pointing and all was ready to do CQ. I started calling CQ on 2320,100 CW and immediately I got big pileup of stations. First was HB9Q with amazing signal booming 599 from loud speaker. For first 8 QSOs was not necessary use headphones. I worked easy 11 CW stations and change the mode to JT65C, pileup follow with this mode. At 22:00 was band empty and no more callers. I decide to take another 2 hours sleep before Moonrise in USA. At 00:00 of 6th of October I had switch to 2304 and start to work stations from USA. After moonset I close the work with 30 QSOs logged in my log. Than was necessary to put down 13cm gear and setup 432 MHz for next moon pass.

First Moonrise over Ceuta, visible HV line going front of dish and causing QRM on 432 MHz Dish ready on 13cm for QSOs
First from top TRV 2320 MHz W5LUA TXing RO in QSO on 13cm

Building station 5th of October 2017

5th of October morning at 08:00 I was recognizing area and was looking for right place where to build antenna with clear view to Moon rise and Moon set. After some 30 min walk, I found nice terrace with clear view to Moon rise and only 15°obstruction on Moonset. On reception I have changed accommodation from cottage located down in valley and moved up. Immediately I start to build tripod and 3,2m mesh dish be ready on Moonrise start to run 13cm band. Couple pictures documenting the build progress.


tripod rectified to Sun Dish ready to install in the tripod

evening 4th of October 2017

 at 20:00 UTC I am arriving by ferry from Spain - Algeciras port to Ceuta in Locator IM75HV84, just only sleep and relax little bit. On morning I will see more details about QTH, choice location where to build antenna and start to work on dish and 2320 MHz setup. According first information I can use license of Jorge EA9LZ and for 6cm we will have only digital permissions. 3400 MHz after discussion with local authority Jorge do not have allowed to use.

Jorge EA9LZ in his shack



Thank you Jorge for all help and hospitality. I am very happy that thanks to all of your work I was able activate EA9 via Moon on 5 bands !!!

3rd of October 2017

 at 15:00 UTC I am arriving by ferry from Spain Barcelona to port Tangier Med in Morocco. After passport check follow first problem. Officer which made duty check does not speak English. He is calling some one else. Coming another officer with much worse English as is main and asking what I have. I was showing all papers from duty office in OK and Barcelona. No, it is not enough, you need AUTHORIZATION. Than I am calling by phone Said CN8LI to help. After long discuss with duty officer result is, car will be in duty stock over night, because civil duty officer is not permitted work with goods as I have in car. Next will follow with special commercial duty officer morning at 09:00. After long discuss, they allowed me to sleep in car, because no other option available. So I was almost 24 hours in duty stock where no food, no water, no toilet. But I found solution. Anyway, morning start long run trough Tangier Med port between many different offices and final result after long conversation with Said CN8LI, "you have to buy ticket for ferry and return to Spain". OK, that cost other time and money, to many different pockets, but finally I had ticket and by the ferry I was going back to EA. On the ferry I was thinking what to do next. I saw three options. 1st drive home = nonsense, 2nd try license in ZB2 - no any contact at the moment and ZB2 is not Africa as my main target, 3rd try go to EA9, but I had previous info about problems with MW license. I had contact to Jorge EA9LZ. After answer to my message if I can call, I was sitting in port Algeciras and calling Jorge. First info, "stay there, I will call around and look what we can to do. I will call you back in two hours". In approximately 1,5hour I had call back, "buy ticket for ferry and go to Ceuta", I will wait you in port, more details when we see each other. OK, short drive back to port, buying ticket and again on the ferry, but now to Ceuta. So, looks Africa will be QRV on EME soon.


Leaving Spain-Barcelona after night in hotel

leaving ferry in Tangier Med

First time saw Ceuta, but did not know that will be final destination on the end

ZB2 - Gibraltar

Leaving Tangier Med to Spain - 4 hours after, same ferry Spain - Ceuta

1st and 2nd of October 2017

 Morning of 1st of October I am next Barcelona and have received information about delay of my trip to Tangier. Ferry leaving tomorrow instead of today due technical problem. So I am one day more here in Barcelona and have possible to relax :-) Activity plan on my web still valid, more details from Casablanca on 3rd of October. 

Today, 2nd October, I spend day in hotel at Barcelona. I am  in the hotel, where I find safe place to park the car with all the stuff. Only problem was with entrance to the garage, because 2,2m clearance entrance only. My car including dish on the roof is 2,5m. So was necessary put the dish down and park car in the garage :-). Picture of that bellow here and video about that I will have too. Thanks to "one man show" system I was able to reinstall dish and tomorrow morning I have to put it on the roof back and drive to the port. In Barcelona were referendum about independency of Cataluña and it take so much problems with police restrictions etc. Did not expect so many problems before a reach of target of expedition, but hope it will follow up normally in next days. 


First break after 500km in DL
Morning 1st of October 150km south from Lyon. Typical breakfast croissant and cappuccino coffee
Barcelona from hotel window View to the port
Problem in garage, dish has to go down :-) and morning up


All papers from custom office received and ready for trip. Leaving home on Saturday very early morning. Around 15:00 Saturday I would like to be in France and follow to Barcelona. I hope to be in Barcelona  Sunday morning and prepare all to load on the ferry. Leaving Sunday afternoon and be in Tangier CN Monday. More details on the Moon net.


According of request hams from CT and EA, we will try to be active also on Terrestrial when no Moon available. We will check ON4KST chat in this case.


Hi dear OM,

Congrats for your EME exp to CN.

EA-CT community want to now if is possible to you work few times TRopo QSOs in 144/432 bands because many people from EA/CT haven't confirmed CN in this bands, always problems with QSL cards and not many stations actives in CN all years, is this opportunity possible to stations that not work EME? Maybe you can work many EAs and CTs in 144 SSB or CW with TRopo.

We hope your opportunity, TNX.

73  de  Jesus  EC1KR


Due to some problems and restrictions with cross a border between Ceuta EA9 and Morocco CN I have choice other option for trip. I will drive by car from Prague to Barcelona and than use ferry between Barcelona to Tangier in Morocco. I still do not know when I will be able to activate station after the trip, but more details I will put on Moon Net and Miles and More. This page I am not able to update during expedition. So you have to monitor e-mails and HB9Q EME chat, where I hope will have easy access also via smart phone and LTE. According the ferry ticket, I will be in Tangier on 2nd of October. I hope it allow me activate station sooner as expected by car trip schedule.

19th of August 2017 - EME & MW meeting Poland

Last test of portable MW units

24 - 25th of June 2017 - Test of TRV for 10 368 MHz

EME DUBUS contest 10 GHz part

12th of June 2017 - Test of final version of TRV for 5760 MHz

SP/OK5EME - SP6MLK test - 6cm setup in GAJÓW - JO80EM - 8th-12th Jun 2017

About EME DX expedition


Road Prague - Casablanca

www.seznam.cz - maps


Band MHz Unit Antenna
432 IC9100 + SSPA 1,2 kW + GPS locked 3,2m dish V/H pol. - 0,4dB N/F OK1DFC - OE5JFL control
1296 IC9100 + SSPA 1 kW + GPS locked 3,2m dish - 0,2dB N/F HB9BBD - OE5JFL control
2302 - 2304 - 2320 - 2400 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 250 W + GPS locked 3,2m dish - 0,4dB N/F G4DDK - OE5JFL control
5760 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 110 W + GPS locked 1,8m solid dish - 0,9dB N/F DB6NT - OE5JFL control
10368 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 52 W + GPS locked V-pol 1,8m solid dish - 0,5dB N/F DU3BC - OE5JFL control
432 - 10450 MHz SDRplay - RSP2pro - monitoring receiver

Date in October:


Time of Moon


30th - 2nd Trip OK - EA - CN 3685 km including ferry transport
3th - 4th Fixing issues in Tangier Med port
4th - 5th Building station - calibration, measuring possible test traffic if all OK, installing first 3,2m dish
5th - 6th full orbit 2320 MHz 18:00 - 07:00 UT RX on 2302, 2304, 2320 and 2400 MHz - TX on 2304 - 2320 MHz
6th - 7th full orbit ARRL EME 432 MHz 19:00 - 08:00 UT Friday-Saturday full Moon pass 432 MHz, from Friday Moonrise till Saturday Moonset. Part of period is covering also ARRL EME contest on 432 MHz from 00:00 UT up to 08:00 UT
7th - 8th full orbit ARRL EME 1296 MHz 19:00 - 10:00 UT Saturday-Sunday full Moon pass 1296 MHz, This part fully cover ARRL EME on 1296 MHz from Moonrise up to Moonset.
8th - 9th full orbit 10368 - 10450 MHz 20:00 - 11:00 UT RX on 10450 MHz courtesy of Yoshiro JA4BLC possible
9th - 10th full orbit 5760 MHz - digi only 21:00 - 12:00 UT  
10th - 12th Wrap up and return home EA9 - OK 2975 km


  • We expect to announce all details or changes on Miles and more, HB9Q, N0UK and here on web.
  • In the main time we will work first all stations by CW, than when CW traffic slow down, we will be switching also to WSJT for all stations interesting to work us in that mode too. We are able to switch between CW and JT according request if not so busy in QSOs.
  • During ARRL EME contest, first Moon pass we will be QRV 432 MHz ! Means that not only from 00:00 UT on Saturday, but from our Moonrise in Friday around 19:00 UT. We expect to have clear horizon for East and West and will work in maximum length of our Moon window. Than we exchange feed for 1296 MHz and will be QRV next Moon pass in contest on 23cm. Sunday we will change feed and TRV and will be QRV on 9cm again full Moon pass, even on lower bands will follow up ARRL contest till 00:00 UT from Moonrise.
  • On 432 MHz we can turn pol V or H !!!
  • Parallel in all those bands we will be QRV 144 MHz CW and JT65. We will be also available on HB9Q Moon chat and N0UK, for possible sked or special requests for tests or skeds, exchanging modes and etc.
  • 2,3 GHz - With RX unit we will cover all existing ham radio frequencies on EME and expect to work everybody from Australia, Japan, EU and USA. We will TX only 2320,100 and 2304,100 !!!
  • 10 GHz - courtesy of Yoshiro JA4BLC we will be able to RX on 10450 MHz, on TX thanks to Mirek OK2AQ we will have 52W RF and new very precise 180cm dish thanks to Eddy ON7UN.
  • We prefer QRG xxxx.100 on all bands.
  • On 144 - 2320 MHz bands we will use WSJT .10 and 3400 - 10368 MHz WSJT.X with Doppler shift correction. Do not forget to put our call sign CN2R and locator IM63DM to the WSJT data base. Check WSJT work condition described by Rene PE1L bellow.


Some tips to help us to QSO with you on JT65
  • Add us to Call3.txt
  • Please call us when you CAN copy us. No need to have a good decode from us,
  • You will decode us when we call you. Usually you can't decode signals -24 till -31 which are not for you, you see a # indicating we call someone else
  • You don't need stop calling us when we are in QSO with someone else, after a QSO we will call the next station but only if he was TX'ing the period before.
  • Don't hop around QRG, choose a freq to call us and stay there for a while. If you stop TX'ing, listen the next period and then change freq if you want.
  • We will not TX 73, if a QSO is complete by RX'ing 73 from you we call CQ or another station. (QSO is complete if both stations received both calls, a report and one or more R)
  • You need to send 73 after you got our RRR, its good to know for us that we can call the next station.
  • We don't have a special station and we can't make more then 10 qso's a hour, it takes patience to QSO with us.
  • More and more stations are locked at 10 MHz, keep in mind you can end on top off each other at 144 MHz. Use some offset.
  • If you are familiar with the `Lance Procedure` you can call us that way.

(PE1L text)

Some tips to help us to QSO with you on EME MW JT4F and QRA64
  • Add us to Call3.txt

  • We have available WSJT-X v1.8.0rc2

  • WSJT-X connected to IC9100 allow us to work Full moon Doppler correction if you do not have WSJT-X connected with your transceiver. In this case you will TX and RX on same QRG and we will handle full Doppler correction also for you, but we need to know your locator!

  • We will prefer on 9 - 6 - 3cm CFOM - (Constant frequency on Moon) allow to all others monitoring our traffic. All our units are GPS locked, we will be exactly on our presented QRG.

  • 10368 MHz we will mainly use QRA64, JT4F we are able to do according request

Some tips to help us to QSO with you on CW
  • PLEASE keep all the time 1 min. periods to avoid interference, we are always first - do not forget we work parallel on 144 MHz and one other higher band with IF 144 MHz
  • If you hear that we call other station as is your call, PLEASE stop calling!
  • If you copy WE call for example G3???? YYYYY call me back in divided groups like GGGGG 33333 LLLLL TTTTT FFFFF to more easy copy your call, do not give us our call, we know it!!!!
  • Please try to call us with little be QRG spread, we have SDR and we will see you are up or down of QRM on echo QRG
  • For CW and JT65B and C we will always RX on our own echo.


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