ARRL EME contest 2010

FIRST leg of contest

Finally I finish all my trips at Friday 1st of October 2010 and close office Friday afternoon. Than I had time to finish new power supply for my K1FO 2x3CPX800AZ PA on 432 MHz and was able to run full QRO  after long time again. Conditions on 432 MHz where great and I decide to be QRV first part of weekend on 432 MHz, because second part of weekend were affected by 1. IARU UHF-SHF tropo contest. On 1296 MHz I expected much lower QRM. First part I worked 40 QSOs on 432 MHz. Second part I changed feed to 1296 MHz and tested before contest QRM with one local QRO station. All looks well and I was QRV without problem all second part. I have worked 70 QSOs and 37 multipliers. Only new one # on 23cm with DF3JI, (thanks Hubert :-). 432 MHz new #8 initials. More details in K2UYH NL next month. Thanks to all for QSO and looking forward for second leg of ARRL if WX permit to operate my dish. GL and 73!

New power supply 3,4kV and 1,5A DC for K1FO PA 2x3CPX800A7 New LNA 432 MHz WD5AGO 0,3dB N/F - 38dB gain

SECOND leg of contest

Weather allowed operate my dish and I was QRV whole second leg of ARRL EME contest. First part on Saturday I was QRV 432 MHz and on Sunday I follow up on 1296 MHz. Final score on 432 MHz is 55 QSOs and 32 multipliers on 1296 MHz 102 QSOs and 45 multipliers. Next pictures showing JT activity on 432 MHz during contest. I was using MPA65 what helped very much to keep clear picture about available stations. 1296 MHz activity was great, little bit worse situation on 432 MHz. I do not know why is so few stations active there now. I remember in 90īs were was possible easy work 100 stations with much smaller set up as I have available today. Pity is that so few QRP stations does not hesitate to call CQ sometime.

Total score 2010:

432 MHz - 55 x 32 - 176.000 points

1296 MHz - 102 x 45 - 459.000 points

2320 MHz - 33 x 24 - 79.200 points


Log of ARRL EME 432 & 1296 MHz

Log of ARRL EME MW 2320 MHz

MAP65 messages file MAP65 waterfall


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