OK1DFC 8m offset - feedholder

This evening I have completed the whole holder so that the Sun noise test can be done during the weekend
I finished the mechanical parts of the feed holder. In the next few days I still have to finish the details for the feed mount and install all the cables. The coax cables are ready, I still need to finish the control box for the LNA and the feed rotator for the 432 MHz. What remains is to measure the geometry of the offset antenna with the laser and determine the exact feed point. If everything can be completed, I will attempt the first QSO with the new antenna during the ARRL MW session in late October.
Today the planned installation of the first part of the feed holder was completed. Tomorrow it is necessary to finish grinding the welds and paint everything. I also brought in the fabricated parts for the carrier tube installation today. If all goes according to plan, the assembly will be complete by 10/10/2021.
Thanks to the weather today I could finish making the "legs" for holding the feedhorn in the parabolic dish. If the weather permits again, during the weekend I will install them on the balancing boom and I will also try to install the feedhorn support tubes. This would complete the main mechanical part and I will be able to do the first attempt with reception and calibration to the Sun noise.
I took advantage of the nice weather during the weekend and continued to make the feed holder for the new dish. On Friday I brought back the components from the laser burning line so I could assemble everything more easily.
I picked up the material and parts for the feed holder today. If all goes according to plan and Mr. Murphy takes a vacation, it should be ready by the end of the weekend.
Design of feed holder