During weekend 4th of April I have worked my first PY on 432 MHz thanks to Bruce PY1KK. His signal was very good speaker copy, but for first test we worked only JT65b - 17dB. I am expecting to work him also CW soon. Info from Bruce is here:

Hi Zdenek.   

Many thanks for yesterday's nice 70cm. EME QSO, this was my first successful EME weekend on this band at PY1KK. In this regard, I would appreciate to know the antenna you were using (10m?), power at feeder, and my signal report, as to have an idea of my small EME system performance.   

70cm EME configuration at PY1KK:

- 4m dish, f/d=0.42 - patch-feeder, single linear polarization for the time being.

- 8m LMR-600 coaxial cable ( 0.45 dB loss ) - Tokio High Power 230W PA with built in Down East Microwave LNA.  

- IC-910H with high stability module. - polar mount, manual tracking, Moon visible most of the time.   

73 and GL.   Bruce PY2BS / PY1KK


Here are pictures from his beautiful QTH with dreaming weather:

Setup with 300W SSPA

New setup with R&S PA 800W RF out

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