JT65C EME - 1296 MHz


1,8m solid dish in parking position Sebastian DG5CST installing Septum feed + LNA by OK1DFC to his 1,8m dish

Sebastian in shack during station operation

Print screen

Sebastian and his team DF0MFG start to operating EME by JT65C. They have small 180 cm dish, Septum feed OK1DFC, LNA 0,4dB N/F with ATF54143 designed also by OK1DFC and TWT PA 200W out. They are producing relatively solid signal with this small setup. Only one problem I have observed. This is frequency stability. You can see how is signal drifting from start to end of period on Spectran picture. This cause problem with decoding. I was receiving them well with value around -22 to -24 dB but waiting more than 4 periods to have chance decoding signal. I am sure that after improving of stability in TCXO will be signal much stable and station will be workable also for other stations.

Parallel signal showing on screen UT3LL which was calling me together with DF0MFG.


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