TRV 10 GHz V3.0

Final version of TRV update 08/2017

52W RF and 0,6dB N/F

New feed horn with Kumar choke and circular to waveguide transformer - SWR in open space -27dB


New SSPA made by OK2AQ giving easy 52W RF. New VLNA DU3BU 0,6dB N/F , between TRV and VLNA cavity filter 10,368-10450 MHz.


New SSPA need also stable 24V DC. Here are two step down DC/DC converters, on left 16-36V to 24V-8,5A and on right side 16-36V to 12V - 8,5A


New TRV 10368 MHz from 2015-16 V2.0

WR 90 waveguide switch, VLNA DB6NT 0,8dB N/F, SSPA 31W RF, DC/DC power supply 28V in/12V-13A out


TRV with 10 MHz locking PLL TCXO, 10368/144MHz DB6NT TRV and sequencer


Opposite side with heat sink of SSPA



Previous TRV 2014 - design in PVC BOX V1.0


RF horn detector

Back plate of RF detector


PCB of RF detector with BAT62


After first test of EME in ARRL MW 2014 with previous TRV I decide to rebuild new design of box made by AL sheets. First build was RF detector which will allow to see if RF is in the dish presented. This is idea which was tested by Mirek OK2AQ in his EME 10 GHz setup. RF detector connected trough to waveguide is on the end with small horn antenna with minimum gain.

Pictures bellow showing details of horn antenna and main feed horn with Chaparral ring and V pol. In the box is WR 90 wave guide switch and VLNA made by DB6NT with N/F 0,8dB


Wave guide with monopole connected to PCB


Detail of horn antenna


Main feed horn with twist of waveguide from H pol to V pol.