I have had nice EME mini meeting with couple friends during my trip in Moscow - February 2007 arranged by Sergey RW3BP

Left to right:

   -Yuri RD3DA. Active on 2m; 70cm and 23cm. Will be soon on 23cm EME with 3.6m dish and 250W.

   - Igor RZ4HF very active M/S 144 MHz new prepared 432 MHz

   - Nick UA3DJG.  Last ARRL EME contest 2006 had few CW EME QSOs on 23cm. Very active in VHF/UHF during Field days.

   - Dima RA3AQ

   - Sergey RW3BP - QRV from 432 up to 47 GHz, now testing 76 GHz unit

   - Alex UA3DHC Is active on VHF for abt 30 years. Has 4x17el cross Yagi on 2m and 8xDL9KR on 70cm. Has big TVI problems. So is thinking now to move to 23cm EME.

   - Oleg UA3ATS (UA3DJG team)

   - Jordan R3/LZ4AU. Last years is active in UA3DHC FD team.


Sergey thank you very much for your hospitality, great evening and to your wife for very nice dinner !!!


Sergey RW3BP presenting his 76 GHz unit prepared for EME test. He has received Sun and Moon noise and looking for any TWT PA solution now. Sergey RW3BP and Dima RA3AQ checking LNA for RD3DA. On left new designed septum feed with two additional steps a W2IMU flare. Very good TX/RX isolation and great circularity.