Special call NA6MF

NA6MF - NASA 6 Moffet Field will be operational April 12/13 UTC during the European window! (Starting moon rise from CM87) The NASA Ames Radio Club & The 50MHz and Up Group will be operational on 144 and 1296. 144: 800W 1 16 ele Yagi with elevation on 144.125 JT65 1296: 600W 12 foot dish on CW/SSB/JT65 Operation is a demonstration of EME during the Moffet Field (Mountain View, California - CM87) Yuri's Night Celebration! Hope to talk to many of you during this public event!

Jim N9JIM/6

Right to Left Jim N9JIM, Kevin N5XSA, Goran AD6IW

Goran AD6IW as a NA6MF

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