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LINK: Description: 432 MHz and Above EME Newsletters by K2UYH basic EME tutorial station description w' detailed performance info for comparison EME, VHF, UHF, SHF web page how to build 10m dish everything about Septum feed JT65 on 1296MHz EME station pics only use of sun noise & mods to TH-347 cavity amp tracking s/w; supplier of tracking h/w;data & links 1296 info; cavity LNA supplier septum feeds 23cm, 13cm, mods to TH327 cavity and TH338 cavity Russian tube data & cavity amps pics of EME stations worldwide focus 2m, 70cm CW EME North Texas Microwave Society, w' pres'n by WW2R on EME  Southeastern VHF Society Central States VHF Society Rochester VHF Group MUD 2007 - annual uwave seminar supplier, VHF, UHF PAs magazine for VHF & up Tube PAs & long yagis ham s/w FFTDSP info  tracking s/w & h/w general 2m EME satellite links & ham s/w repair of dead Bird slugs 23cm 300W amp construction using GS-15B 23cm 300W amp using GS-15B; a builders, experience; much other good stuff here! tracking controller supplier WSJT s/w & info the bible on uwave antennas uwave reflector sign-up page & info solar flux reports 6m EME antenna & equipment mounts for tower, & vehicle station description backgrounder & tutorials on EME & Weak Signal commercial web-site hosting DSP/SDR - info & many useful links VHF DX, Linrad, DSP  (Earth-Moon-Earth) in Japanese script solar flux summary report Spectrian 2304 amp mod info & general data & links station description station description & articles in German language EME loggers commercial supplier for wireless LANs station description station description tube PAs for 2m - 23cm & useful links antenna farm for sale (house tthrown-in!) many technical & construction articles station description DF6NA web DK5YA web, DXing, VHF, UHF, SHF Frank's DL8YHR web with many info about EME peditions uW page of G3PHO G4HUP, oscillators for TRV G4RGK web, EME VHF, UHF G8ACE oscillators I0IXX web with SSPAs for 144, 432, 1296 MHz KJ6KO web 1296 MHz SSPAs F2TU EME web page VE1ALQ web with download of VK3UM software VK3UM SW

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