ARRL EME MW part 2014

"Murphy never sleep"

My plan was to be QRV partly 13cm and test unit for 10 GHz EME pedition. As is presented above, Murphy never sleep. When I was trying to put the 10m dish to operation on 2,3 GHz, I have recognize that some problems with azimuth read out there. I decide that I will be focusing only to 10 GHz full time. Some days before I have completed new dish for portable, 6 segments 180cm. More details about you can see here. Than I was expecting to use my existing TRV for 10 GHz. Only was necessary change polarization from horizontal to vertical. How I setup that you can see on pictures bellow. I did not had so much time setup and prepare all, because QRL send me to Albania for business trip week before contest. I was back on Friday and start to build my portable station at home on summer terrace and in living room. After installation I hade only couple minutes to rectify antenna to the Sun and prepare all for Moonrise.

IC756PROII, TRV 144 MHz, antenna tracker, Mikroham DigiKeyer II, PC DELL - IF setup in living room First screen after Moonrise Dish outside on terrace Dish pointing to the Moon

First night, I had problem with tracking and lost the Moon. Due to heavy inversion clouds I was not able setup position back. During next period was tracking ok and I had full SDR screen signals from 3cm band. Heard were OK1KIR CW 559 and JT -12dB, OK1CA 549-559 CW, DL0EF -12dB JT, SP6JLW 569, and many others. Problem was with TX. Nobody heard me. During day on Saturday I was trying to fix the problem and found what is wrong. Problem was in TX period. With 35W RF was not enough screen for multiplier in TRV. TRV is placed in focus point and only in PVC box. So during Saturday I have fixed screening problem and looks that QRG do not jumping up and is stable enough now. I was ready for second night. Between the nights I was testing again RX performance and pointing to the Sun and Sky. Results are as follows.

Measured parameters:
Noise of Moon - 0,8dB - comparing cold sky
Ground noise - 4,6dB - comparing cold sky
Sun noise - 9, 8 dB - comparing cold sky

Curves from left to right Sun - Sky - Ground (not cold sky here, just only move antenna from the Sun)

Curves from left to right Sun - Sky (not cold sky here, just only move antenna from the Sun)

Screenshots and pictures from main Moon pass Saturday - Sunday.


First night OK1KIR calling EA3XU - JT4F                                                                                    waterfall of OK1KIR calling CQ JT4F






In the second period without a QSO, I was testing RX on 10 GHz. Heard were OK1KIR, OK1CA, SP6JLW, DL0EF, but no answer to my call. As describe above, during Saturday I have fixed problem and last Moonrise till end of ARRL MW contest I was able to work OK1KIR -13/-15dB, UA4HTS -14/-17dB and OK1KIR O/M, QSO screenshots follows here:


Follows pictures of my EME portable 10 GHz setup. In the next days I will made new ALU box and move all parts from PVC box to improve screening and also some other parameters. Also 10 GHz operation shows that will be necessary increase stability of tripod and all mechanical parts for moving of dish. I am expecting to be QRV in short time with new setup again and mainly working on to be QRV 10 GHz in next year in Albania.




See you via Moon on 10 GHz in 2015 !