24 GHz EME TRV v3.0


24 GHz - transverter 3rd generation


TRV v3.0  - IC9100 + TRV DB6NT 24.048 GHz 1,6dB N/F - 2,6W RF out


VLNA v2.0 - DL3BPC input waveguide WR42 design 1,1 dB N/F


SSPA - 4xTGA4915CP - 22W RF out Yukio JA8CMY Design and thanks to Mitsuo JA1WQF for help

Feed horn: PF dish Design linear feed + Kumar ring OK1DFC

Portable antenna: Andrew Prime focus 1,8 m portable setup

RX performance:  CS/G = 2,8dB - Moon noise = 1,6dB

Sun noise = 10,7dB (13/08/2018 - morning at 07:00 UTC, clear sky)



Home antenna: 2,5m offset dish Prodelin - F/D 0,8

Feed horn: W1GHZ design of W2IMU for F/D 0,8


TRV and power supply in box - waveguide directional coupler -20dB - 100W dummy load, tuning SSPA 1 4xTGA4915CP on the heat sink ready for final connection and tuning
RF output from SSPA 1 RF output from SSPA 2
Divider 2x4dB - phase shifter - SSPA - 4xTGA4915CP RF in 11,81 dBm - RF out 43,51 dBm - Gain = 31,7dB SSPA - 4xTGA4915CP - tuning 1st module 11W with driver 500mW
Total RF power out DC current by 6,8Vd is 28A Id
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